A new Virtual Reality game designed to make you sweat

[December 5, 2018] A rock solid debut from one of Virtual Reality’s newest developers, Updraft Studios, comes Conveyor VR where you get to experience life through the eyes of a robot. Your name is T–10 and it’s your job to take care of the factory. This job entails working on the conveyor line in several exciting high-energy game modes, and servicing the machines in the relay race repair mode.

Conveyor VR will be released on Steam December 11, 2018 for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The entire game was built from the ground up and specifically for Virtual Reality. Brandon Jones, President, says, “We wanted to build a stable and solid game. Oftentimes indie developers rely heavily on purchased 3D models, music, etc. but we wanted to do it all in house and create a game that is 100% our own.” And that they did. Everything inside this game was made by this team of two, including the voice overs and soundtracks. Brandon has worked hand in hand with Josiah Rea, the Director of Development, since February 2018 to create Conveyor VR.

The team has been doing beta testing since the end of November and they are already receiving a lot of positive feedback about the game. Brandon said, “We are blown away by the support of the VR community. It’s support like this that will make our next series of development come quickly.” Updraft Studios says that they plan to release multi-player functionality along with new game modes, avatar customization and more assembly items and features. In addition, they are also projecting to have Conveyor VR released to the PlayStation VR in early 2019.

Conveyor VR is a family friendly virtual reality game that is sure to get your heart pumping. It functions beautifully and is easy to get right into. As they say inside the game, “Robots don’t sweat, but you will.”

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